Over the spring and summer of 2013 we plan to walk the Teesdale Way from Dufton in Cumbria to South Gare on Teesside.

Our aim is to explore and experience the vastly varied landscapes, wildlife and social history that the River Tees transverses between source and sea.

From source to sea, or sea to source? We decided that it was more intuitive and logical to do the former, following the flow of the Tees…..and it is mostly downhill!

As our guide we are using Martin Collin’s guide to the Teesdale Way and OS maps.

7 thoughts on “Home

  1. Sue

    Great walk, fantastic photos and an excellent idea for a holiday. I particularly liked the Rhizocarpon geographicum. Hope the weather is kind and you have a wonderful time.

    Geoff Barber

    • Hi Geoff, thank you for identifying the lichen species, just looked it up, I gather it is also called map lichen and is associated with uplands and low air pollution, we thought it was amazing.

      • Sue
        Sorry about the North Pennines weather yesterday, I hope you survived OK. We are off to find some sunshine tomorrow so will miss out on the rest of your blog. I wish you well for the rest of your trip and look forward to catching up when I get back in June.

        Enjoy Teesdale


  2. Hi Sue and Marion
    i’ve just completed a survey on the Middleton one row to Cargo Fleet lane
    the wild garlic is in full bloom along aislaby and nesham woods but be aware of a number of landslips and newly forming streams in this section leading to yarm
    Stockton council have done well to manage the giant hogweed, and you may still see the swan in nest just before egglescliffe . good luck and i hope the weather is with you

    • Hi, we didnt have one, our walks were more explorations and we were sidetracked by looking at flowers, lichens, churches etc, sometimes it took us 8-9 hours to do 10 miles!

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